World Dog Shows Shanghai 2019

30th April 2019 - 3rd May 2019

Desmond J. Murphy (USA)

I was born into the Sport. My Grandfather, my father and two uncles were professional handlers. As a very young teenager I spent every weekend at dogs shows,showing my own dogs and working with handlers. In high school and college I worked part time for the American Kennel Club

I started to judge in 1976 and was still very active breeding and showing my Chows.

I have judged on every Continent of the World. My first judging assignments in China were close to twenty years ago. These first assignments were for shows put on by individual people. Then I judged many shows for the China Kennel Club.

I have seen the development of the Sport in China over the last twenty years. The CKU has become one of the leading Kennel Clubs of the World.

So many breeds are so very strong in China and are competing at the top levels in the States and around the world. I am very honored to be on the panel for this World Show. The panel consists of the finest judges in the World today.

This show is such great P.R. for the Sport of Dogs in China. It will be a very enlightening experience for the entire World to understand the roll the CKU is playing at the World level.