World Dog Shows Shanghai 2019

30th April 2019 - 3rd May 2019

Vija Klucniece (LVA)

My biggest dream in the childhood was – to become an owner of a dog. In 1967 I had my first white Giant Spitz Chico, who left me at the age of 15. Since 1981. I bred Klein Spitzes, uptill now in some pedigrees of our dogs I can find the rootes from my black bitch Wensy. But my love is Chow Chow. This breed was not present in performed USSR and when I got my black male from Poland in 1988. it was the first imported Chow Chow in Latvia. Now I have Papillons, it was destiny which takes this breed in my home and during last 5 years I enjoy my dogs and this breed at all. From 1982 till 1990. I was the president of Toy Breeds Club, from 1996. I had been elected as the president of Latvian Cynology Federation. I judged in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Belaruss, Russia, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Slovenia,Australia, Mexico and everywhere I found beautiful dogs and excellent breeders. Fluent in Latvian, Russian, English, could understand Polish, Czech and German.